Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I was in Can Tho, OK!

My Very Talented girlfriend Julie Woods has a booming business called JWoods Jewelry.
She made me earrings of Avi Joy. She hand makes the ceramic tiles (all shapes) then fires your choice of photo into the glaze. She makes necklaces or earrings with all different color beads, I lOVE THEM!!!
For beautiful handmade gifts go to:

SOOO, this week I experienced something for the first time. I was having a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and noticed I needed some gas. I pulled in to the QT and began pumping away.
My mind drifted off to thoughts of Can Tho, 'What is Nehemiah going to be like? What is Can Tho going to look like? I cannot wait to go back...etc.'
I decided since I was in such a great mood I would treat myself to a hot chocolate steamer. I go inside, create my dream drink, pay, then get in my car and leave.
I hear this awful loud metal banging as I pull away.
I look in my rear-view mirror to see the pump flying like a snake gone mad.
I get out as calmly as possible, walk to the pump lying on the ground, push the handle down and place the pump back into its home.
All the while a man two stations over is laughing wildly, "HAAAHAHHAHA did you see that!!!! HahahhAHA."
I completely ignore him because I actually had a good excuse.
So to you sir, I was in Can Tho, OK!


Thank you recent Can Tho travelers...

Well cared for little guy

Our sweet sleeping baby

Avi Joy plucking her eyebrows

Avi Joy is ready for a baby brother... she is such a great mommy and helper.

Dancer from Dillon's India Camp

Two peas in a pod, Avi Joy and Jaden

Getting her henna tattoo

Jynger and her daughter

I have a good lookin daddy

A scripture that really helped me get through the week: Psalm 91
With Love, Adam, Natasha, Avi Joy and Nehemiah