Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unstoppable Courage

It is getting very hard to not show pictures of my sweet Beautiful on our blog. We are now sharing them in person, but you know, it's just hard to actually see everyone that you want to show! I mean, hello- proud mama syndrome, I want to show everybody!!!
Ok, now that is off my chest, I will move on.
We headed to church this morning and our church is participating in One Prayer. It was kinda odd and comforting to hear our old pastor share to thousands of churches across the world during this One Prayer series. Today's message was Unstoppable Courage. For anyone who knows me really well, you know I struggle in this area, so it was deeply encouraging. Go watch it!
When we got home, I just could NOT get ENOUGH of my precious daughter. I told her we were going to have a little photo shoot in the yard and of course, my girly girl, was all about it...

We had our first big crop come in last week. Cucumbers! Everywhere! And then we had many more grow this week as well. I am ready to hand them out if you need some : ) Other than that it has been slow growing. We had one batch of peas, one batch of green beans and some lettuce. Everything else was completely destroyed by some pests. I mean within a few days every single one of my beautiful squash was eaten. So sad! We finally had to break down and sprinkle some bug killer. I have learn a lot this year and know that we will do better next year with our veggies and fruits!
After talking about how Beautiful loves our "hot tub" in our bathroom the little kids now request taking these bubble baths too. I have to say that she seriously looks like an old man.
Nehemiah's could not quite get the gist of making of making a beard. He managed to get the bubbles to cover everything except his face. And I was in stitches over his little bubble machine down there being covered up.
Happy accident. When one makes a marker mess, turn it into a train. Hey, he was busy for about 10 minutes with this activity.
We all had dentist app't this week. Avi Joy LOVES the dentist. She loves sitting there, getting her teeth cleaned and flossed. And of course, getting a new pink toothbrush and a toy from the treasure chest.
Oompa Loompa #1
Oompa Loompa #2
This is the kind'of fun the Perryman's have when we are forced out of the house due to a house showing (which is not going well, by the way, because of our steep driveway, but we are still happy to show it to anyone. Apparently this month has set some kind of record for the biggest house sales drop since 1963). We headed out to play and shop at Wal-Mart, because again, we are cool like that, and they had Wonka cut out's. Having time to kill allows for making silly memories.
Avi Joy attended India Camp last week while I worked in the nursery. I SOOOO love India camp. I love the people, the dress and oh, the food! Avi Joy is in the bottom left watching the girls dance Bollywood style!
She attended many classes: language, dance, music, henna, crafts, fun facts, storytelling, dress up, yoga and cooking. Here she is making Nimki. She also made Aloo Kabli and Mishti Doi. Then they got to eat all 3 dishes. They gave the helpers a plate too. There are just no words to adequately describe how fresh and flavorful these dishes were. Yummmmm!
We celebrate with our sweet best friends who will be leaving for Pune, India for 4 years. They only have a few more months here in the US and then are off to do college ministry. Hopefully we will get to go visit them!
We got to hang out with a family we just love~ Brother and sisters, Akash, Rakhi and Aashna and one of their little friends, Simran. They are wonderful with my kiddos and have been helping take care of them since our first summer home with Avi Joy. They are not from an adoptive family, there mama is the master henna artist who serves at camp and this year she also taught the parents how to sew sari's. Amazing family!
Speaking of amazing families... we cherish our friendship with the Le family. We were able to recently catch-up at a splash pad playdate. They are a family of 4, their mother is caucation but their father is Vietnamese. They felt a calling to adopt and they started the process to adopt their fouth child (pictured in the middle) and we walked hand-in-hand together (and many times of tears and prayers) while we waited to travel. It ended up that we were both in air at the same time. I was in the air coming home with Avi Joy while she was in the air flying to Miss Bella.
I was excited to cater food for my mom's Blume Spa and Studio grand opening. I served two tables of food and it brought me so much joy to plan a menu and provide delicious food for such a thrilling event. I mean, she gives us so much love, sacrifice and hours of free babysitting, how could we not do this little thing for her. If you are in Tulsa and looking for therapeutic massage, custom facials, body wraps, spray tanning, brow sculpting or Home Sweet Spa (in home parties) try out Blume! You will not be disappointed!
Little guy playing out in the backyard.
Hanging out with great grand-dad. They are especially fond of one another. They enjoy things like listening to grand-dad's hearing aid's whistle, trying on bifocals and talking about the good ol' days of buying peanut butter out of a huge canister. Apparently before individual jars, they had peanut butter in a vat behind the deli counter and you would order it by weight and they would slap some on a piece of paper, rolled it up and put it in a deli bag. Off you went with your P.B. True story, who knew!
One of my most favorite pictures ever. Avi Joy fell asleep reading her children's bible. The title says Jesus' friends leave Him. We all have had friends and family leave us for one reason or another. We have to cling to the one who will never leave us or forsake us. I see her faith growing every day. Truly a gift from Him to see her blossoming.
One thing I admire about the people in my house is their unstoppable courage. Adam has it, he has never been scared of anything, ever. Avi Joy so has it, child-like faith and trusts God and us, completely and boldly tries anything. And oh my, Nehemiah, he is amazing. When wrestling with him, instead of running like I do or Avi Joy would do, he charges at me like a lion. I love this about him. He is never scared. And if you listen to the message of One Prayer, they are the "charge the lion" type. Taking down the enemy with God's help. What good examples for me!

The Perryman's

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We are in the swing of our summer schedule. We work heritage camps every other week and on the other weeks, attend a group playdate. We enjoy outings like a local splash-pad, reading at the park and going the zoo. It is a wonderful time for the mom's to catch up... everyone knows that playdates are not really for the kids!
I would like to add, just in case you were thinking of inviting me to a zoo playdate, I have my exceeded my yearly limit for visiting the zoo. We have been twice, my limit is once. Once is more than enough for me. We should have been three times because last week one of the outings for Vietnam camp was at the zoo, but I just could not drag myself to that place again, so we played hookie. Playing hookie is very unlike me too, but again, just could not wrap my mind around going to that place again. Maybe when I don't have to push two tired children on a stroller that weighs more than I do for miles, I will feel different.

We love our neighbors... the last two days all the kids have come over to our house to play and have popsicles. We have been in looove with making our own! Mom's seriously, make your own. It's fun. The kids love them. And they are healthier.
Making a friends train. I am like their mama telling them how to act and disciplining them when they argue. I wonder what they think about me and what they tell their parents. They keep comin' around though, adding to my theory that kids really do like parameters. (P.S. that is a weird word, parameters- you know, to give structure and rules to follow, para meters. What is up with that word combo, word expert, R Fisher?)
These popsicles were made with 2 cups orange juice, 4 cutie oranges and one jello island pineapple packet. Blend up, pour and put in freezer. Or you can add yogurt, any fruit and blend. Or you can just cut up fruit, stick it in and cover it with juice. We prefer the blended types. And they don't know all the goodies and variety of fruits I pack in those puppies.
I let them play for a while today without hats or sunblock. This is extremely unusual for me... but after 30 mins or so they were red already so I pulled out the hats. I was too lazy to put sunblock on them at 6 at night.
As cute as the cutie oranges he is eating in that popsicle.
Headed home.
Ok, not quite home, one more stop in the backyard and to finish up dessert.
Adoption News:
We have a four day visit with Miss K this weekend. An update about her is that we found out the meaning of her unique name. It is a Native American word that means "Beautiful". So from now on, we shall call our daughter Beautiful. I will not be able to use Beautiful's name until she is legally adopted. Which will not be until she has lived with us for 6 months. You can ask me in person or over email, but I cannot share pictures or her legal name on our blog.

We finalized our plans... she will stay with us every other week for the rest of the summer and her official move in date to our home is July 31st. We will then transition into homeschooling MWF and attending a local academy for electives on T/Th such as band, theater, typing, etc.

We will continue to update you after each visit!

We are working Dillon's Heritage camps this summer.... India, China and Korea camps. Avi Joy will be a camper this year. This will be my fifth year to be the nursery coordinator for the camps. I started when we began the process of adoption in 2005 and have loved being a part of something as amazing as heritage camps. I believe in the vision of these camps. I know they bring security and self-esteem to each child. Getting to learn about their birthland through dance, song, food, dress, language and playing with other children who were born in their same country and have a forever family that looks like their own is invaluable.
Nehemiah will be with me in my room and Beautiful will not be attending as the weeks she is here are not the weeks of camp. But again, super excited for Joy Joy to be a camper and meet friends born in every part of the world. I know she will love it.

And in closing. Made. The. Best. Meal. Ever! I have to share...

The ingredients:
2 TB dried minced onions
1 1/2 tsp minced garlic
3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed small
1 (8-oz.) bottle sundried tomatoes packed in olive oil (the oil is used in the recipe, so don't drain)
2 cups half and half
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
1 tsp fresh cracked black pepper
1/2-1 tsp Cajun seasoning, depending on your taste, don't leave it out, it needs the salt
1 lb. penne pasta, cooked as directed on package and drained (it was about half my box)

Drain oil from sundried tomatoes into a large skillet. Chop the tomatoes into 1/2-inch pieces and set aside.(I want to add that next time, I might go ahead and try putting the whole jar with tomatoes and oil into my food processor to chop it up a bit finer.)
Heat skillet and saute onions, garlic, pepper, cajun seasoning and chicken breasts in the oil from the sundried tomatoes. Add the sundried tomatoes. Simmer 5 minutes. Add half and half. Stir well and simmer 5 minutes more. Add Parmesan. Stir until well combined. Pour over cooked and drained pasta and stir until combined.
HEAVEN I tell you!
I had two bowls, Nehemiah had two bowls, Avi Joy had 3 bowls!!! Adam was out of town, lucky me for leftovers : )

"How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
"Your God reigns!"
Isaiah 52:7

The Perryman's

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vietnam Camp

Once a year we have the privilege of attending Vietnam Camp. It is a family camp designed for kiddos who were born in Vietnam to come together to celebrate their birthland through immersion in the Vietnamese culture. We strive to do this through exposing them to the beauty of Vietnamese food, song, dance, crafts, dress and playing with other Vietnamese children.
This year was so enjoyable for our family and we pray that Vietnam camp will continue to grow and that we can add more and more authentic experiences to their lives.

We arrived at camp and were so excited to visit with Thomas and his daughter. He was able to bring his daughter to camp this year as she is in her first year of studies in the US.
Thomas faithfully served every family during their adoption process by doing everything from visiting our children at the center to translating legal documents and arranging travel. All families in attendance were overjoyed to spend time with him and we know he loved seeing all the children.
My lil' happy camper.
We added in a social night for the mom's and dad's to get to visit. We were able to look through one another's photo albums and lifebooks and talk about bonding and child discipline. I truly admire these women and am blessed to have a place where I feel totally understood. Thank you Vietmom's!
The children enjoyed numerous crafts and activities. Here Avi Joy is painting a star with glue and adding gold glitter for the Vietnamese Flag.
They attended a cooking class where they made Vietnamese spring rolls.
Then she was off to make a non la, or a traditional conical hat.
As a sidenote, she did not take the hat off for 2 days. She wore it while she played her games and had a snack at home...
She wore it with her birthday suit. And she wore it to church.
The children enjoyed hanging out with Korean beauty, Lucy.
We were able to invite my two friends from Vietnam lessons to come and perform a song. Rose and her daughter Tabitha, came dressed in Ao Doi and Tabitha sang a beautiful Vietnamese children's song during dinner.
Hannah and Olivia, the two in pink on the top row, were the first two peanuts to come home from Vietnam years ago. Ella, the one in red, is Hannah's sister. Ella and Avi Joy were adopted on the same day and born in the same province. Zakary and Nehemiah were both born in Can Tho. What special friendships!
Here is Zakary's mama, Kerrie. I truly love and respect this woman deeply. Adam snapped this one of us as our children ran circles around our Ao Doi's as we tried not to move and smile for a pic.
A group picture of the Can Tho families. All these children were born in the province of Can Tho (where Nehemiah was born) and traveled to the same center and courthouse for adoption.
A group shot of the Ninh Thuan babies. This is the province where Avi Joy and the other children were born. It's wild to think that they could have been born in the same hospital, been fed by the same nannies, or even... be related in some way, who knows!
Other lil' happy camper.
There is an over-used quote that applies to this picture. I am pulling it out again, because it is so beautiful and so true... All because two people fell in love. From the 6,000 families who now have forever children and the other ten's of thousands of children around the world who have an education, clothing and food, we say with a joyful heart...Thank you Jerry and Deniese Dillon.
Thomas and Samuel. I giggled seeing my family in reverse. (Vietnamese man holding blond headed baby.)
Oh these two girls. Man do they warm my heart. Their getting to that age now where when Sarah went off to play with someone else, Avi Joy was sad and realized she wasn't getting the attention. I think this hug more than made up for any sad feelings!
Gotta love Ian's smile. He is such a caring friend to my children.
Can you spy Thomas among the children??
This year we were able to meet some new friends... here is a precious couple and their daughter Dannette. We visited with so many families that we only get to "see" via facebook or blogs and it is a gift to talk with them live and in person!
We also were able to hang out with some old friends from our first travel group in '06.
Here we all are in 2006 on the beach in Ninh Thuan. Susie is holding Ella on the left, then us, Heather with Sarah, Ly with Thai and Chaunta with Liam.
All grown up! (I realize they are not all there, but this pic of Ella, in white, was just too cute!)
Vietnam Family Reunion's
In years past I was a picture taking fool... this year, I much more enjoyed the conversation, the Wise-Up class (how to talk about adoption with your child), the birth search and reunion class, and well, chasing around two children was more work : ) so there are less pictures. I will post them all soon.
I know Dillon families can upload pictures to a Kodak site soon (I think); I look forward to viewing them soon too, along with the professional whole group picture. Thank you Dillon staff (Whitney and Lisa- you rock, seriously!) and families for coming to camp, see you next year!

"Perfect in beauty, God shines forth." Psalm 50:2
The Perryman's