Monday, August 30, 2010


Because of our upcoming move we are going on a spending freeze for the month of September!
Like most all families, there have been hard months for us of course. I remember the first month I stayed home when we went from 2 incomes to 1, (and we had added a child), Adam called and said, "We have $80, do not spend another dime!"
Well we all are forced to spend-no-more-or-else at some time, but this is an on purpose financial freeze. We want to wisely save as much as we can in the next 4 weeks, so we can use the money we save in other areas.
While moving this month, we know things are going to pop up that need fixing or replacing. Could be a little, could be a lot, and we want to be prepared.
And we don't want something to arise in which we have to say, "Oh, no, we just spent all our extra money.. cannot buy light bulbs this month."
We also want to have the house cleaned professionally. This is not for everyone, but our new house was built in 1965 and has been setting empty for 15 months. I do not have the energy to pack our house, then clean our new house and unpack our new house. I know my limits and I am willing to save in some areas to spend in this area.
AND *nerd alert* the first week of Oct is one of our family traditions- eating dinner at the Tulsa State Fair. For us, it is about the food, not the rides, but this dinner is worth saving for!

We plan to do this in many ways. One is by only eating at home for the month. No lunches out for Adam at work, no lunch out after church for the family, no purchasing little odds/ends that we need, a total and complete freeze. We obviously will have to buy gas, and if I can get away with not buying more milk, fruit or veggies, I will be able to stay away from shopping all-together. We are also cancelling cable and made the switch to using minute cell phones instead of a plan. (Wow that savings was a shocker.) I am so curious about how much we will save not buying one single thing this month?? Have you ever done this?

Here is our menu for the month. I have never done a monthly menu before, I usually do every 2 weeks worth of groceries/menu, but it seemed necessary to take inventory of what we had and go with it.
Our menu does not include two daily snacks, veggies with meals or the usual morning fruit shake. Nor does this include our sweets. We plan on a few of these things: Puppy chow, homemade ice cream, nutella on anything, baked cinnamon apples and baklava.

Most items are homemade (like pizza pockets, sandwich bread or waffles from scratch), a few things are packaged, like the cheese ravioli. But in general, we shoot for scratch. (Maybe that is the title for my future food blog- Shoot for Scratch. Hmmm. We mainly to this to be healthy and for better taste.)


1. Oatmeal- Cheese Nachos w/beans- Eggplant Parm
2. Quiche- Grilled cheese- Crock Pot Green chicken wraps
3. Biscuits and gravy- grilled chicken salad- pizza pockets (freeze 1/2)
4. Donuts*- pulled pork (freeze 1/2)- pasta w/cauliflower
5. Oatmeal- Eggrolls and rice- Baked potato w/ chili (freeze 1/2)
6. Pancakes- Pressed Sandwiches- Coconut chicken
7. Cereal- beanie weenies- Sum Hop Day @ Incredible Pizza*
8. Banana bread- Sandwiches-Lasagna (freeze 1/2)
9. P.B. Granola bars- Ravioli- Leftover Thursday Dinner
10. Eggs and sausage- Cucumber sandwiches- sloppy joes
11. Waffles- Chicken Salad- Ham and Egg breakfast for dinner
12. Greek yogurt w/fruit- Mac & Cheese w/fish-sticks- Jambalaya
13. Quiche- Leftover Lunch- Sundried Tomato Pasta
14. Cereal- Grilled Cheese- Chicken and Dumplings
15. Oatmeal- Ramen- Tacos
16. Breakfast pizza- Veggie lunch- Leftover Thursday
17. Waffles- Grilled chicken- Chili
18. Yogurt parfait- Pigs in a blanket- Chicken Tikki
19. P.B. Toast w/honey- Egg and Sausage biscuits- Nacho Bar
20. Banana muffins- leftover lunch- Turkey Burgers
21. Pancakes- Bean burritos- Cornbread w/ ham and beans
22. Breakfast pizza- Tuna sandwich- Spaghetti w/ turkeyballs
23. French Toast- Chicken Casadillas- Leftover Thursday
24. Cereal- Pulled pork- Chicken pot pie
25. Fruit salad- bacon wrapped chicken- Baked potato soup
26. P.B. Granola Bars- Can soup lunch- Ranch chicken and carrots
27. Egg and Bacon- Leftover lunch- Naan Pizzas
28. Cereal- Ramen- Lasagna
29. Waffles- pizza pockets- Pot stickers
30. Oatmeal- Beanie weenies- Leftover Thursday

*There are two things on this menu that we are going out for... it is the donuts and Incredible Pizza. My father is coming into town from Atlanta to meet Miss Beautiful and see our new house. We have a (once a month) family tradition of Saturday morning donuts. We may go ahead and do this with him, not sure. We want too celebrate, yet want to do the whole month too. But her Sum Hop Day (Avi Joy's fourth Forever family day) must be celebrated. She has chosen I.P. the last 3 years.

In making this menu I realized many things about us. We eat a lot of chicken for one and there is not too much variety in ways of fish/seafood and I can see we love breakfast foods!
I also do not cook with red meat. I use varieties of turkey instead. Turkey hot dogs, turkey sausage, Italian turkey, turkey pepperoni for the pizza pockets... all very good!

Beautiful made a fun calendar for us to X off each day. I already look forward to that!
A countdown to moving and a daily reward for saving.
And since we are on a new kick, here is a picture of something new. Think this is in another country?? No, sadly, this idol has been newly built, 3 miles from my current house. It is built between the Hindu temple and Buddhist temple right next to where we take Vietnamese lessons. I could see it a mile away. Made my heart so sad.
"But their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men.
They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but they cannot see; they have ears, but cannot hear, noses, but they cannot smell; they have hands, but cannot feel, feet, but they cannot walk; nor can they utter a sound with their throats. Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them." Psalm 115: 4-8

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Chapter

Well before we get on with the pics, which I know is the main reason you are here, I must share some good news... we sold our house! After 4+ months of hearing the crickets (more like hearing the words, "we hate your steep driveway"), we had several showings on Saturday morning and not 1, nor 2, but 3 couples made offers on our house! Wow. I have learned so much. I plan to blog about this process of surrendering soon. It was a long tearful journey, but the Lord is faithful to care for His children. Now onto searching for our new home.
In other news: We thrived in our first week of homeschooling. Our Beautiful attends a school on T/Th and we do all other subjects on MWF. She is taking fun things at school (such as stage craft and hands on science) and we are doing the core curriculum at home plus things like typing and art lessons.
Our bonding is going great. We are all gelling nicely and we have the privilege to watch this precious flower bloom right before our eyes. His faithfulness again... seeing Beautiful have new friends, love church, make great grades and return love to her family.

Avi Joy's self-portrait titled, "Avi Joy dressed in Ao Doi."
We started a weekly devo/craft family night. It has been beyond my expectations. I have learned two new things from teaching them. 1. That after Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord, she went on to have 5 more children for her faithfulness. Who knew!!! 2. That Adam and Eve made clothes for themselves out of leaves, but then God killed the animals (the first sacrifice for sin) and made clothing to cover them with the animal's skin.
We are going through the book, "Bible Explorations, 52 Activities for Christian Learning," by Janice VanCleave and here is one of our activities. Cut Adam and Eve paper dolls. (One side was clothes they made and the other was clothing made by God.)
OH this little joyjoy is one of the most amazing people I have ever known.
Her cooking show, "Cooking with Joy."
This picture cracks me up. Check out Nehemiah's face. They were playing spa day and giving Avi Joy a massage. They were karate chopping up and down her back and he was realllly into it. HA! Only when a NanNa owns a spa would kids play spa day. (my mom)
Unexpected blessing... Over the summer I was able to give some private art lessons to my friend Tuyet. We met at Vietnamese language school as she was Avi Joy's teacher. Co Tuyet has 4 kiddos and they all came over for lessons throughout the summer. Her two girls have grown out of a handful of traditional Ao Doi's and they gave them to us as a gift. Can you believe that?! GAVE them to us. I love these Ao Doi's sooo much. They are all from HCMC and handmade.
OK. Totally honest here. This boy is a through and through classic Vietnamese man. Always havin shirts open, messy hair, skinny legs, squattin, rice eating type of man. He fits this to a tee.
Adam and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We got into the attic and pulled out our old VHS wedding video and let the kids watch it. There was much awww's at the dancing (the good) and the uwooo gross (the kiss). I really enjoyed watching it with them.
Our last day at the pool for the summer. We loved having a local pool where we could spend the day, have a picnic and soak in the last days of summer before starting school.
Beautiful letting the kids play with a frog. Nehemiah was mega scared of the frog and would not touch it, but after a while he would at least set in her lap and watch it jump around.
Need anything fixed around your house? I highly recommend Naked Nehemiah's Home Improvements.
I was able to do a few back to school projects for some local teachers. Here is a school bench that says, "All good things are wild and free," Henry David Thoreau. She wanted it red with leopard print, stripes and heavily distressed.
My sweet girlfriend (in the middle) who lives in Kenya, Africa, was able to make a quick trip to the states as a grandparent on both her side and her hubby's side passed away this month. I lived with these two girls for 4 years during college. We were able to have an hour with my mom at the spa and have dinner with all our families (8 kids between us).
Here is a more accurate picture. I love to see them laughing. They are amazing. The sisters of my heart. The other friend on the right will be leaving soon to serve in India for 4 years.
We made a little purse out of an old tee-shirt. I turned it inside out and sewed the three sides together... I used the collar as the opening. Super cute and sew easy!
A passage that helped me during the transition of letting go of our home...
"Whatever the Lord our God has given us, we will possess." Judges 11:24
Really the whole chapter brought me great encouragement. It is odd reading, but that is just how reading God's Word works, it may not seem like it will apply, then zap, encouragement.

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