Thursday, October 6, 2011

10th Anniversary Trip

Adam and I headed to New Mexico and Colorado for our 10th wedding anniversary. Our parents took care of the 3 kiddo's and let us run away together. Five nights of quiet, 6 days of driving all over the place soaking in scenes like this...
I have a friend who wants to move to CO. Found her the most perfect piece of land.
Went to a natural waterfall out in the middle of nowhere. And wouldn't you know it the guy next to us watching the waterfall had a Broken Arrow football hat on. Crazy world. His nephew plays for BA.
We are able to go on this trip thanks to our community group. One of my friends family has a cabin near South Fork, CO and they let us stay there for $10 a night, yes ten! Another gal in the group got me a little painting job at her work which gave us gas money for the drive- Oh Provision! Here is our quaint cabin in the woods.
Mountains to one side and a stream on the other.
We LOVED Pagosa Springs, CO. Such a relaxing day wading in the warm (or 108 degree hot) natural spring pools.
I spent hours and hours looking out the window during this trip and besides the beautiful mountains, the cloud action was stunning!
Raining rainbows.
Ahhhh, one of our favorite outlooks. Very Bob Ross with the one big tree.
New Mexico just made me smile. Everything was painted... cars, garages, doors, street signs, lots of artwork everywhere.

Adam and I both love the adobe look of all the homes and restaurants in the NM area.Iron patina Mary.
We had so many highlights about the trip: Silence at all times, God's magnificent creation in all directions, renewing our vows, Christmas shopping, attending an old country church in a mining town and more... BUT one extraordinary thing just so happened to be this Mexican restaurant, Los Potrillos. They has this cheesy corn tortilla baked soup thing that was my favorite meal ever. Ever.
And I am on the Daniel Fast right now, so writing about it at this exact moment is awesome. I love you God more than Los Potrillos, I love you God more than Los Potrillos.
"That they may walk in My statutes and keep My ordinances, and do them. And they shall be My people, and I will be their God." Ezekiel 11:20

A + N

Friday, September 16, 2011

This summer was a season of ART!
One of my faithful clients wanted a quilt slipcover for her 5 x 5 foot ottoman. She purchased all the fabrics and I set to work cutting, ironing, pinning and sewing. It took about 25 hours of work. Which really is not that much and it was really fun! (Reminded me to get on the ball making quilts for my kiddos.)
She also had me antique an old vase for her to match the quilt!
I had the opportunity to paint seven windows for Chick-fil-a. It was for their Spirit Week event for Bixby vs. Jenks, two local rival schools. Painting on the windows freehand was a job! For three windows I stood on a 12 foot ladder. All were painted with acrylic paint.
Avi Joy stopped by to see mama paint.
Over the summer was a 150 hour job for our church. They provided childcare two days a week so that volunteers could come transform the kids wing into a castle. I had the honor of being the artist director for this project. Basically brainstorming all ideas, what should go where, drawing them on the walls, coordinating artists to help paint and making sure all projects were finished to perfection! LOVED IT! My mom and Karrington were able to help paint and did a tremendous job!
Banners on the wall.
Five shields down a hallway.
Horse and Knight.
3D Castle. I made these bars out of cut pieces of soaker hose!
Knight and Princess bathroom door signs.
Painted fireplace with castle motto.
Jesus' Throne Room!
Water feature.

Do these paintings not LOOK REAL?! We added 3D elements throughout the halls. Such as jewels and rivets, helping to make everything just pop.
One of my friends said her son was trying to climb up the "stairs" to Jesus' Throne Room. Cracks me up!

Currently working on a few watercolors paintings, Halloween costumes and painting our names on the back of our chairs.
And no, I am not busy, I say no to a lot, so I can say yes to the things I love. Like, the things of God, adoption causes, schooling the kids, Vietnamese language and artwork.

"How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O prince’s daughter! The curves of your hips are like jewels, the work of the hands of an artist." Song of Solomon 7:1


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adoption Day- September 7, 2006
Five years later...

Avi Joy said that she wanted to end our photo session with one last picture by the rabbits. : )How GREAT is this precious gift from above.
The P's.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Summer and Heritage Camps

My girls making backyard grass boats.
This picture perfectly describes little joyjoy. So quite, yet completely expressive!
Express yo'self.
Avi Joy started piano school at Janelle Whitby's School of music. She is in a class of eight children. They sing, play music games, color music sheets and play the piano. Here she is learning the sounds of "papa bear, mama bear and baby bear" on the piano.
It is just not right for one boy to be so handsome. Or ornery. Because here he was actually hiding from me under the counter, naked. But the lighting was so good we had a photo session.
Playing dress-up with Jack. You can hear all about his mama's amazing heart at dancing with my savior.
My girl has come a long way.
Avi Joy prayed, "Lord, restore to me my gentleness." What a prayer to stand on. She never fails to set a great example to us all.
Nehemiah at Vietnam Camp with Dillon International.
I was able to present to the parents and speak (for an hour!) about writing their child's personalized adoption book.
Two girls growing up. This was their 5th year of camp.
Love this pic...
But LOVE this one so much more! This was the first picture taken. Very stoic and serious and deep. So her. Then she smiled.
Here are "the guys" from our travel group. (Missing John)
Here they are in Sept 2006 each holding their new wee-one (Standing in the same order, might I add). We were forced inside due to a sudden downpour while visiting the Cham Towers. (Avi Joy and Sarah are so itty bitty!)
Loving on Danette!
Viet cooking class. Bring on the good food!
The girls learning an Indian dance at India Camp. Karrington was a teen counselor this year at India, China and Korea camps!
New friend, Carolyn.
Miss Nita, our resident henna tattoo (mehndi) lady, was unable to attend India Camp this year. Lucky me, I was able to step up and take her place and learn a new style of art.
I used a henna piping bag to draw on their hand, wrist, arm or ankle. Mine stayed on my hand/arm for about 2 weeks. Maybe when I go to India I can get a job.
Avi Joy's class presented a play called "Caps for Sale". She is the little monkey in the middle looking at the camera.
This was my 6th year to work for Dillon at the camps. I started working the nursery while I was waiting to travel for Avi Joy in the summer of 2006. I love all my kiddos at camps and it is so fun to see them grow up. (And of course there is nothing better than to hear adoption stories and see hundreds of beautiful, colorful families under one roof.) I also appreciate that now we can work/attend there as a family. All 3 of our children enjoyed the four camps. Here is a picture from China camp of my little ones eating lunch.
Matthew 5:13 "Let me tell you why you are here. You're here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth." MSG (This cracked me up. MSG, as in The Message version, but it is talking about salt-seasoning, M.S.G.!)

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