Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bed, doors and artwork galore

The BED miracle... The three kiddos started talking about how great it would be to have bunk beds. My response was, "They will have to be free and fall from heaven." I posted on facebook that we were looking for some bunk beds and sure enough I had two friends that were ready to part with their bunks. 
BUT, I had to get over the fact that if we were to get both bunks, they would not be matching. I actually had to pray though this, tell myself it was not a big deal.... They were a free gift and we were all so grateful!

Over one weekend we got the bunks and wouldn't you know it, they were THE EXACT same bunk beds. Given to us by two friends, two that do not even know one another and both had a handful of kids and were ready to part with their bunks. We LOVE our new beds. Thank you EB and KR! Thank you Lord for loving me so much that you gave me matching bunk beds!

Here are the girls lying on their beds.
I made some curtains so that at night or during alone time, they can pull their curtains closed and have some privacy.
As most of you know, I just got home from a Vietnam trip with GVI. Here are some of the special treasures that I brought home. 
A silk pillowcase.
A painting of a tribal woman with her baby on her back.
Upclose of the baby face and thick oil paint.
Large 3 x 4 foot or so painting of a beautiful Vietnamese woman sewing. This is in Adam's office, lucky man.
And abstract painting, also for Adam's office.
A watercolor on rice paper. I bought this guy's work up, all that he had. I gave many as gifts and this one I kept for myself. The looseness, splatter, the mustard yellow coloring, the shape of the buildings... he just 'got' Ha Noi to me. Captured its essence. When I need to run away, I just stand in front of this picture and I am taken to the streets in Vietnam.
My DOOR! I decided that it was time for some color for the front door of our home. I had several neighbors stop by with comments like. "Is that the final color?" or "Did they make a mistake at the paint shop?" and the third was silent. SILENT. I actually laughed out loud, better to be silent than to lie.
One one side I painted the word, Welcome.
On the other, I made a double wreath. I sprayed it black. I put a picture of our family inside a frame and glued it to the middle. I cut out a little P from the lid of a cool whip container. And then picked some holly berries of my silent neighbors tree and hot glued them to my wreath.
I am truly, passionately, in LOVE, with my new door! Now for some ivy.
I have done about 10 paintings or so over the last several months (baby and wedding explosion!). Here are three of my favorites.
Weber- 11 x 14 wedding gift for my cousin
Micah- 18 x 24 for a friends third baby
Lila- 5 x 7 for a friends first child
For some randomness... This is my cousin. She is in front, I am in back. I know it is not exact, but honestly, it is crazy how much we look alike. That mouth. That chin. It is like I am looking at myself when we hang out! She is the closest thing I have to a sister (I am an only child) so for me, this is kinda awesome.
Little K making doll clothes. xoxo!
I have so treasured the arrival of spring. My roses are blooming and each week I have a vase of fresh flowers on my kitchen windowsill.
Psalm 25.