Sunday, July 24, 2011

Karrington's Adoption Part 1

May 2010- The baby we met at the OKC Zoo.
June 2010- First visit at our home.
July 2010- Moving from foster home into her new home.
August 2010- Starting school (Part time at a local school, part time homeschool).
September 2010-Working on becoming a family.
October 2010- Pocahontas for Halloween.
November 2010- Our first Thanksgiving in MO.
December 2010- Our first Christmas together.
January 2011- Confidence is rising.
Feb 2011- Braces.
March 2011- Living in a hotel, doing real life with the family.
April 2011- Celebrating 13th birthday.
May 2011- Completing a year of gymnastics.
June 2011- New bike. New attitude.
July 2011- Ready to finalize her adoption.
In our state any child over the age 11 has to stand before the judge and verbally give consent to their adoption. Not only that, she signed over her own rights from a child in DHS custody into the daughter of the Perryman's. She then gave consent to change her name. Karrington Keane Hope Perryman will now have a new birth certificate, family support and love, forever.

And just so you can see the difference a year makes next to one another...
The old has gone, six years in foster care.
The new has come, a forever family.
Praise be to the Lord Most High.
The Perryman 5- officially!